The True Cost Of TheRoyal Family

Whether you're a Queen Elizabeth enthusiast or a Meghan Markle misanthropist, there's no denying that the Royal Family is a staple of British culture. But is the cost of maintaining the Monarchy really worth it? This comprehensive guide breaks down the financial impact of the British, Belgium and Spanish Royal Families to reveal the true cost of living like a King.

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After comparing the cost and contribution of the British, Belgium and Spanish Royal Families, the British Monarchy are revealed to have the largest financial impact on the economy, generating more than £500 million each year through trade, tourism and surplus funding.

5 Year Financial Impact

Overall Impact:

Financial Impact Of The Royals

Cost VS. Contribution

British Royals 2018

Last year the Royal Family's cost reached £165 million, largely due to the security costs required at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.


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The contribution made by the Royals continued to grow in 2018, with over £18 million generated from merchandise sales alone.


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Overall 5 year financial impact:



Contributed Overall to the British Economy